R.I.P. James G. "Jimmy" Lake

Written by Rich Mileo '66:

Jimmy Lake died of congestive heart failure on February 24, 2021 in his home in Ohio. After not being seen for a few days, he was found dead in his recliner. A peaceful death, I can only hope.

Jimmy was one of my best friends at BK. Prior to that we went to St. Andrew's school for K-2 before our family moved. We opened and sipped a beer at the age of six. That's hard to forget.

At BK, Louie Caputo (RIP) tossed a grape at Jimmy but hit Rick Lombard (RIP) instead. When he asked who tossed the grape, Jimmy was blamed. Once Rick squashed the grape on Jimmy's head, the fight was on. Both were suspended and had to shave their heads before returning to school.

While racing out to the soccer field for gym class, I had a slight lead, so Jimmy pushed me from behind and I went flying, sliding through the mud. All enjoyed a good laugh at that one. Sidebar: watching Bob Cupello play soccer was always a thrill.

In the summer of 66, Jimmy and I worked for a painting contractor. In September, instead of going into the Air Force, I went to school, while Jimmy remained with the contractor. In subsequent years, he would paint my home and rental property, inside and out.

I last saw him in the 80's but talked to him periodically into the 21st century. He was strong as a bull and could throw a softball through a brick wall. I was shocked when he lost a wrestling match only to learn he had broken his leg during the match but continued to the end.

RIP, my friend. I know your intense love of the Lord has you in a good place.

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