The November breakfast featured some out-of-town guests.

Comments from Rich Mileo: We were a feisty group this morning as we welcomed back to Rochester Bob Case, Michael Critelli and Tony/Sharon Mangione, all visiting for the weekend. Bob was sporting more gold than Mr. T and looks great for someone his age. I like the new color of his hair. Michael has been married 45 years. He credits their longevity to the many vacations they take. For example, while he’s in Rochester, his wife is in Germany! Tony is hosting an Italian movie on Sunday at Nazareth University (subtitles) at 4 pm. Rita Lotti Johnson will provide commentary for those who can’t read fast enough.

Gloria Esposito Mercury was just returning from California so that was a nice surprise, and Anne Marie Schneggenburger Maranda wandered in from NYC. 

 Bill Vallee was our lone Vietnam veteran at the table while Michael C and Pat Goonan served in the Reserves. Thank you for your service!

Ann Hawkins Grimm reminded us that most of the family members on her husbands side died before the age of 60! And many of those while they slept! Prayers for her son who’s 49! Btw, Ann doesn’t take any prescription meds and Wegmans is investigating as to why!

Barbara Gramlich Mosakowski is recovering from pneumonia which is more frightening with Covid in the air. Not that she was a difficult patient but RGH nurses went on strike while she was there, prompting her to run home! 

I complemented Georgia Schulte Knapp on the nice article and photoshopped picture of her in the latest BKHS Pioneer Class newsletter.

Peter Elliott is preparing for his roll in The Man Who Came To Dinner (no, it isn’t a biopic about Ward Wilson) opening in December, and an opera that will hopefully be staged at Kilbourn Hall in January!

John Conheady drove in from Lockport and provided his usual thumbs up for the picture. He’ll be a regular during the lull in the golf season, weather permitting. 

Skip Minisce sat at the head of the table and pontificated about the advantages of marrying a younger woman (Armand Miale and Louie Joy would have been proud). He said goodbye to his 2021 corvette until next May. Ugh. Mike Holowka is one of many at today’s breakfast that’s attending the Gala tomorrow night. I hope he brings a lot of money!

Lynda Campanaro Robinson stopped by to say hi and is doing as well as can be expected for someone who lost their spouse of 51 years, in July! 

Blessings to you, Lynda. In total, we were 18, with Sharon Mangione as the 1966 BKHS wannabe!

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